Refurbishment - in adherence, with single-layer waterproofing covering bonded with cold bonding agents

It can be applied on an old flat and adherent covering that is still in good state but near the end of its lifetime. Where there are old waterproofing systems, both with or without thermal insulation, which are affected by minimum infiltration due to a very few cracks that are clearly visible and repaired in advance and that have not soaked, if not to a minor extent, the insulation panel, but perfectly flat, dry and free from signs of tensioning, you can consider refurbishing using certified membranes for single-layer applications with MASTIPOL bonding agent indicated in the figure at the side (max. pitch 5%). MASTIPOL also seals the cracks on the old covering. In presence of highly inflammable materials (such as old plastic skylights) or materials that are sensitive to heat, flame-bonding may cause fires and or damage materials. Using cold bonding agents, in these cases, solves the problem. The overlaps of the membrane are usually flame-bonded if the operation is carried out away from sensitive areas, but, if necessary they can be welded with an electric hot-air welder. Vertical connections, conversely, because of their proximity to sensitive materials, will be covered with the thixotropic single-component polyurethane-bitumen waterproofing membrane PURLASTIC FLASHING. It is ready to use and is laid cold in two layers reinforced with the non-woven fabric RINFOTEX EXTRA.

Description of the layers and related product data sheets:

1. Old bitumen covering

2. Bituminous adhesive agent


3. Membrane



4. Connector piece



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