Thixotropic one-component polyurethane-bitumen ready-to-use waterproofing product.
PURLASTIC FLASHING is a thixotropic onecomponent liquid polyurethane-bitumen membrane. The material turns hard with air humidity. It produces a strong flexible membrane with excellent adhesion to bituminous substrates. The finished film offers excellent mechanical and chemical properties. Apply one or two coats using a roller, brush, spatula or airless gun. PURLASTIC FLASHING is thixotropic and can be applied on upright surfaces without dripping or slipping in just one single coat of 1 mm at the most. PURLASTIC FLASHING offers excellent resistance to UV rays and can be left visible without deteriorating.

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PURLASTIC FLASHING - How to use PURLASTIC FLASHING: application of a water outlet and application of an aerator on a slated polymer-bitumen membrane. Connection between woodden relief and bituminous membrane.

PURLASTIC FLASHING - Presentazione del prodotto ed alcuni esempi di posa.