Acoustic insulation without demolition of an existing floor slab with new ceramic floors using an under-tile insulating layer: solution with FONOSTOPTile Monoadhesive

FONOSTOPTile is an innovative and versatile product; it is an under-floor insulation material consisting of a non-woven polyester fibre fabric with high resistance and sound-resilience, coated on both sides with a waterproof elastomeric layer, for the acoustic insulation of impact sounds and the waterproofing of internal floor slabs, for the protection of the flooring from the movements of the laying surface and from dampness.
FONOSTOPTile Monoadhesive: this version has one self adhesive face protected with a removable silicone film and on the other there is a textile finish in polypropylene fibre; this insulation is also bonded in complete self-adhesion at room temperature on a cementitious substrate (which must of course be level and be adequately clean) or even on existing flooring, on which it will subsequently be possible to lay ceramic, stoneware or wood flooring or resilient flooring in PVC, rubber or other material, which will be bonded with a suitable adhesive for the type of tile and have the grouting joints done to perfection as usual.

Description of the layers and related product data sheets:

1. Old floor

2. Perimeter strip


3. Sound-resilient insulating layer/s

FONOSTOPTile Monoadhesive

4. Ceramic floor

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