Preparation and waterproofing cycle for a concrete tank used to contain drinking water or liquid foods.

Concrete tank preparation cycle:

1.   Completely remove all traces of flaking concrete and dirt by high-pressure water washing;

2.   Scarify the concrete around any piping, to a depth of about 10-15 cm;

3.   Insert inside the groove the EXPAN BENTONITICO thickness, fixing it around the piping using a clamp or metal wire;

4.   Slightly sand the surface of the piping;

5.   Using a brush, apply on the sanded and clean surface a coat of epoxy adhesion promoter and passivating primer STRATO AB;

6.   Apply, fresh on fresh on the STRATO AB, the restoring quick-setting fibre mortar for concrete RESISTO TIXO mixed with COLLASEAL latex diluted 1:3 with water;


Concrete tank waterproofing cycle:

7.   Completely remove all traces of dirt by high-pressure water washing;

8.   Open and fill the concrete joints, gravel nests and the chipped parts with compensated shrinkage high-strength cement-based mortar with extra-adhesion, selected aggregates with a maximum grain size of 0.6 mm and additives that guarantee excellent workability, thixotropy for applications up to 2 cm without the use of formwork and using RESISTO UNIFIX.

9.   Make rounded edges between wall and floor (if not already existing), of 55 cm, recessed about 2 cm using a fibre-reinforced high-strength concrete-based mortar with compensated shrinkage, selected aggregates, synthetic fibres and additives which guarantee excellent workability, adhesion, thixotropy for applications with thicknesses of 4-5 cm without the use of formwork and using RESISTO TIXO or GEORAPID.

10.Apply a coat of anchoring agent and primer acting as vapour barrier EPOSTOP ABC in order to make a waterproofing coating on concrete surfaces, grouts and smoothing works. EPOSTOP ABC also adheres to highly-smooth concrete surfaces, or to damp surfaces; minimum consumption 700g/m2

11.Apply a non-toxic water-based two-component epoxy coating EPOSTOP AB; apply 2 coats of product with a consumption of 300/350 g/m2 per coat

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