Double layer waterproofing for road deck.

For all solutions in compliance with ANAS, Autostrade and other bodies, see the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION no. 4 shown below.
The new UNI EN 14695 standard for the mandatory CE marking of the membranes for the waterproofing of concrete surfaces laid under paved asphalt, concerning the sheets for the waterproofing of pre-fabricated units, the great advantage of the polymer-bitumen membranes testudo, proteaduo and autotene asfaltico is that they can be asphalted directly not only with the bituminous conglomerate but also with poured asphalt. Since 1 October 2011 the CE marking is mandatory for membranes for the waterproofing of concrete surfaces destined to be covered with paved asphalt. The marking is governed by standard UNI EN 14695, which provides for specific tests for this field of application. In addition to the classic identification tests: hot and cold behaviour, the new European testing methods are aimed at measuring the performance of the membrane once it has been directly asphalted; thus many tests are carried out on the concrete+membrane+asphalt system by measuring its adhesion on concrete and asphalt, the resistance to the thermal shocks from asphalting operations, the fatigue on the crack under the asphalt and the resistance to the tangential strain between the asphalt and the concrete that is generated by vehicle braking, etc. Only the membranes conforming to UNI EN 14695 can be applied under the asphalt. The most common contract specifications still refer to the technical characteristics of the membranes that do not comply with European standards and even though the proposed membranes comply with the old specifications since, starting from 01/10/2011 the CE marking of “reinforced bituminous membranes for the waterproofing of decks of concrete bridges and other concrete surfaces subject to traffic” conforming to UNI EN 14695 has become mandatory, it has also consequently become mandatory by law to express the characteristics of the membranes measured in compliance with the European testing methods UNI EN and therefore the technical sheets of the materials carry the measured characteristics in compliance with the new EN standards.

Description of the layers and related product data sheets:

1.2. Substrate

3. Primer



4. Waterproofing Membranes





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