Terrace-Car Park with melted asphalt floor laid directly on the waterproofing covering. Double-layer solution.

The thermoadhesive waterproofing membrane in elastoplastomeric distilled bitumen polymer VAPORDIFFUSER STRIP/V will be torch-bonded to the clean and dry laying surface, with 40% of the lower face coated with bands of elastomer thermoadhesive which, adhering only partially by torch-bonding, will allow the damp trapped in the support to diffuse, avoiding bubbles and condensation. The sheets will be unrolled on the flat part until reaching about 30 cm from the corner between the flat and vertical surfaces, and will be overlapped 10 cm longitudinally with a 15 cm overlap transversally at the end. After aligning and rearranging the sheets, they will be bonded by heating the lower face of the sheet with a propane gas torch, activating the adhesive properties of the bands of thermoadhesive. The overlaps of the sheets will be torch-bonded at the same time. A distilled bitumen polymer waterproofing membrane with CE marking in accordance with UNI EN 14695 for laying under poured asphalt will be subsequently heat-bonded with total adhesion to the entire surface and on the projecting parts. The sheets of membrane unrolled parallel to the line of maximum pitch, should be overlapped 10 cm longitudinally and 15 cm at the top, and continuously torch-bonded to the substrate and along the overlaps. These will also be turned up and torch-bonded to the vertical parts to a height of least 20 cm above the level of the paving. The vertical turn-up will be protected by reinforced plaster with a metal mesh laid prior to laying the next waterproofing layer and melted asphalt floor 25 mm thick.

Description of the layers and related product data sheets:

1. Substrate

2. Primer



3. Membrane


4a,b Membrane


PROTEADUO POLIESTERE 25 (sotto asfalto per opere viarie)

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