Special elastoplastomeric polymer-bitumen waterproofing membrane. Its lower face is spreaded with heat-adhesive strips for humidity diffusion and distribution of movement across the laying surface, for semi-adhesion on damp concrete surfaces and renovation on old waterproof bitumen coverings and on insulating panels subject to movement
PROBLEM: How to prevent the formation of bubbles on the waterproof covering laid on damp laying surfaces, both made of concrete and old deteriorated bitumen coverings
SOLUTION: Complete adhesion of a waterproof covering on damp laying surfaces made of concrete or old deteriorated bitumen coverings can lead to the formation of bubbles that can affect the hold of the covering over time. Semi-adhesion application with perforated screens on uneven laying surfaces is often not effective and can lead to the waterproof covering not being sufficiently stuck onto sloping roofs and the risk of it blowing away in a storm. Semi-adhesion application is also used to distribute and therefore soften mechanical strain on the laying surface.