Special extra-strong one-part adhesive with improved adhesion for porcelainised gres, mosaic tiles and natural and composite stone. Geniustrong is a quick-setting, ready-mixed adhesive in powder form manufactured from special cements, resins in powder form, selected quartz sand and special additives which guarantee excellent handling and adhesion, including use with completely non-absorbent tiles. It can be used on any cementitious substrate or for overlays both indoors and outdoors. It is also suitbable for application on heated floors. It can be used instead of traditional two-part adhesives with the advantage of better handling and adhesion. Frost resistant. According to European Norms prEN 12004. Type and Class C2TE Improved cementitious adhesive, resistant to sliding and with extended setting time.

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GENIUSTRONG (preso da video SELFTENETile) - Incollaggio delle piastrelle in un balcone con GENIUSTRONG (superadesivo ad adesione maggiorata, altamente deformabile per la posa in interni ed esterni).